About Me

Welcome to my blog!  If you’re wondering what it’s all about you’ve clicked on the right place.  In a nutshell, let me say that there are a lot of serious issues in our world today; I won’t be addressing them.  I seem to be predisposed to see the humorous side of what is going on around me. This is a blog dedicated to looking at the lighter side of life.

If you are wondering about me, you’re in good company.  My husband has been wondering about me for years (maybe I should have him read this for a little refresher course).  Thanks for checking out my blog, and without further ado, I give you the highlights of me.

  • I’m a Christian and active in my local church.
  • I have a wonderful husband named Bob.  We’ve been married since 1975.  Bob is an engineer and gives me a fair amount of fodder for blogging due to the fact that I am not an engineer and actually am more like an anti-engineer, which means we never look at anything from the same perspective.
  • Bob and I have four grown children (three sons and a daughter) and seven grandchildren who show up in my blog from time to time.  You’ll love reading about them – really, you will.
  • I am a retired home-schooling mom, which sometimes shows up in my life as wanting to give learning opportunities.  You’ll find one in the next bullet.
  • We are privileged to have my parents live near us.  Together they are 183 years old.  Here’s a math problem for you:  If my mom is 89, how old is my dad?
  • People tell me I’m funny.  I think they mean that as a compliment.
  • I think laughter is one of the most amazing gifts that God ever gave us.  A good sense of humor is a great support for our other five senses, especially as we get older.
  • Since 1976, I have lived in Central Florida, which I love eight months out of the year.
  • I am afraid of frogs and toads.  I think it’s because they jump about unpredictably and might pee on you.  That’s probably why I don’t like playing basketball, too (the jumping, not the peeing, though having had four kids, both may be a factor).
  • I was born in Baltimore and raised in the Maryland suburbs just Southeast of D.C.
  • I am an Oriole fan and think there will never be another player that can hold a candle to Cal Ripken, Jr.
  • I’m a birder of sorts.  I don’t go to great lengths to bird watch, but I do have the Peterson Guide to Birds app on my phone.  I have thrown my neck out of whack bird watching and I have been known to do some pretty lame bird calls.
  • I can’t whistle (which explains why my bird calls are so lame).
  • I like my caffeine in my coffee not my sodas and I cannot drink it too late in the day, which is why I feel the liberty to sneak Caffeine Free Diet Coke into any movie theater that I attend after 4:00 pm and also boldly carry it with me when I go to Jason’s Deli or the local Fish and Chips restaurant.
  • I like to talk to strangers.
  • I am a recovering collector of weird and wonderful stuff; including happy meal toys, Barbie dolls, Lizzie High dolls, baseball cards, coffee mugs, postcards, and magnets of the states that I have visited.  My first collection that I can remember was bottle caps.  That was before twist-offs.  I had a large box of those dirty things under my bed until I was about ten.
  • I hate to exercise and make no apologies about it.  Sorry.
  • And for those of you who tried to do the math, my dad is 94. (Even though I know my folks’ ages, I still had Bob check my math – that’s a bonus that comes with having an engineer for a husband.)
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  1. Jesse

     /  August 29, 2012

    Read the blog mom. Now, if I can just visit grandpa I may escape the clutches of hell. Jesse


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