My Olympic Memories

These past 16 days we watched a lot of the 2012 Olympics.  Following are my personal top ten memories, in no particular order:

Favorite Olympic Commentator Name:  Rowdy Gaines – I wondered what kind of parents name their kid “Rowdy?”  I looked him up and his given name is really Ambrose.  Then I wondered, what kind of parents name their kid “Ambrose?”

Favorite Spectator:  No, it’s not Aly Raisman’s parents, it’s the poor guy who had the bad luck to be seated behind them.  Hey, don’t judge this guy, he finally got to go to the Olympics and didn’t really get to see them after all.  And to top it off, the entire world watched as he had one of the most frustrating moments of his life.

“Hey, down in front!”

“I spent hundreds of dollars for this!”

Favorite Sport that I don’t think should be in the Olympics:  Rhythmic Gymnastics – I like watching it, but it makes me wonder what is next on the Olympic competitive field.  Maybe break dancing, which is also very physical, or possibly even synchronized break dancing.

Sport that I surprised myself by getting into:  Women’s Beach Volleyball.  Something about those three-time American champs who are in their thirties and still at the top of their game!

photo credit: Matt Kryger, USA Today/US Presswire

Favorite Athlete that I didn’t know before these Olympics:  Lolo Jones.  She didn’t get a medal but worked hard and, win or lose, displayed poise and grace.  I love her stand for purity and hope she’ll be a role model for young women today.

Favorite Team:  U.S. Women’s Track and Field – Individually these ladies show a lot of class, but when they work as a team like in the 4×400, they’re just amazing.

photo credit:

Competitor I felt the most sorry for:  Stephan Feck from Germany.  This poor guy may have to change his name.  I hope he remembers that he beat out a lot of people to get his spot on the team.  Everybody has a bad day now and then; unfortunately for Stephan, his is down for posterity on YouTube.

Most Entertaining Person:  Usain Bolt.  Anybody else would sound arrogant and unbelievable saying the things he says.  He only sounds arrogant.  I love to watch him run.

Usain’s Trademark Lightning Bolt is Everywhere

The person I’ll miss most at the 2016 Olympics:  Michael Phelps.  Will there ever be another swimmer like him?

Michael Phelps – the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time
Photo credit: Jorge Silva, Reuters

Words I can’t bring myself to say no matter how many times Bob Costas refers to the Olympics this way:  “These Olympics.”  I can’t picture myself saying, “Hey, do you want to come over and watch “These Olympics” tonight?  Nope, I just won’t say that.

What are your favorite Olympic memories?

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  1. Rhythmic Gymnastics are awesome… my kids agree… we did think it funny that all the parents seemed to be right on the sidelines with the Olympians. That’s the only sport I noticed that. It’s kind of like the Cheerleading of the Olypics. Not really a sport, but kind of entertaining to watch!

    • I knew I would get a comment out of you regarding rhythmic gymnastics. I like watching it too, but I find it difficult to type the word “rhythmic” for some reason.

  2. The fact that they are over!

    • If it weren’t for our DVR we would not have watched as much as we did, but I admit to enjoying what we watched. Sounds like you’re either a huge fan and watched too much or you are sick of having them dominate everything for the last two weeks. Either way, they are over! On a side note, that closing ceremony was terrible (in my humble opinion). We couldn’t make it through the entire thing.

  3. I told you I would leave some comments on your blog. So, here we go from a British point of view.

    My favourite moment was when Mo Farrow won the 5,000 metres on Saturday. It was really like the icing on the cake for a fantastic British sporting event. Nobody does it quite like the British – the most successful games ever.

    There was a guy from Essex (near London) who bought tickets for every day of the Olympics. The poor man died from a suspected heart attack in the toilets of the Velodrome when Britain won the cycling. Come on Bradley Wiggins!!! Anyway, this guy was a Spurs fan (same club as I support). He was sports mad and apparently a very popular person where he worked. So, RIP that man.

    I love the pictures you have in this post. They are truly excellent, but I don’t know much about sport from an American point of view.

    Have a great day


    • I thought about putting something about Mo in my favorite moments. I loved watching him run, too, and I especially loved seeing him get the gold in his home country. You guys really showed wonderful, enthusiastic support for him and all of your athletes. I am thrilled that you all had such a successful Olympics, especially in your home country. To use one of the words that you all use and I wish we Americans used – it was brilliant!
      I had not heard about the poor gentleman who died on the toilet. How horrible! But, if he was that mad a sports fan as it seemed, he probably thought it quite fitting that he passed while attending the Olympics, though I’m sure he would have preferred a different venue. What a sad thing for his family, too.
      The American broadcasters, of course, spent the majority of their time talking about Americans, but they did give a good amount of time to Mo, as well as other noteable athletes from other countries; and they had a good segment about how British Olympics has improved over the last several games. Very interesting. I loved the way the coverage allowed me to view your lovely country. I hope to visit one day.
      Thanks for your thoughtful comments, David. Good day to you!


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