Election Day is Every Day

Today is Election Day and I am excited.  I’m excited about not having to listen to campaign commercials that use music piped in from a funeral home.  Excited about being able to answer my house phone again and talk to a real person on the other end of the line.  (Yes, I have a land line, which I will surely get rid of before the next presidential election process begins.)  Excited to see the campaign signs cleared from the highways.  And, of course, excited to see if my candidates win.

But today, while our main focus is on choosing the man who will be our president for the next four years, let us not lose sight of the many and varied choices we make in our lives every day – things that we “vote” for with our dollars when we go to the store.  Things that enrich our lives.  Things that we hold dearly.  Things like paper towels.

These are some of the topics that divide our country.  Some would say they are nothing more than personal preference, but look deeper.  What do your choices say about you and what do you say about other people’s choices?  Personally, I am trying to rise above judging in any of these matters, even though I am pretty passionate about some.  I’ve listed a few choice hot topics below for your consideration.  Where do you stand on these important issues?

  1. Paper towels – I like the ones where you can select the size.  When I see your one sheet towels I wonder what you are really thinking here.  Do you put them out for me because I’m perceived as sloppy?  My select a size allows you to use what you need without any preconceived notion of how messy you will be.
  2. Wine vs. beer – I don’t like the taste of beer and it is hard for me to understand that you prefer it over wine, which I am very fond of.  I am a fan of the majority of beer commercials though, so I’ll try not to be too hard-nosed about this.
  3. Sushi – I will never understand you people who eat sushi, much less those of you who try to force your sushi on me.  I won’t force McDonalds on you if you don’t force sushi on me.
  4. Indian food – My tastes are pretty conservative.  Indian food is a little out there for me.  See #3 above.
  5. College Football – I couldn’t care any less about college football.  People try to convince me that it’s all that and I wish they’d just give up.  I also don’t get it when people make a team their team when they never went to that college.  I guess sometimes we simply don’t understand each other, and I need to accept that.
  6. Scary movies – I don’t like scary movies.  Why spend $12 to be scared?  I like comedies.  I don’t understand that you would rather scream in fear than laugh at someone trip over an ottoman (I mean a stool, not a person from13th century Turkey).
  7. M&Ms – How can you prefer plain over peanut?  What’s wrong with you?
  8. Dark chocolate vs. Milk chocolate – Come on, the taste of dark chocolate is bitter.  Is it just that you’ve read up on dark chocolate and decided to like it because it may be healthier?  You will never convince me that it is better than milk chocolate in all its yummy sweetness.  You may as well stop trying; this will always be a bitter-sweet debate.
  9. FOX News vs. MSNBC vs. CNN – I’m not even going to go here because frankly I can hardly stand to watch any of them at this point.
  10. Romney vs. Obama – Nope, not even going to go there either.  My policy is – If you can’t say something funny, don’t say anything at all.
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  1. Bravo Bonnie!
    (I’m standing on my chair, cheering you on)

  2. Computer bloggers unite and stand in applause of this fabulous post! I’ll raise my “select-a-size” paper towels to you in salute! (It’s too early for a glass of wine!)

  3. See, that’s what makes horse races- other than the Football and the Wine- we’re on opposite sides!
    And, i vote with my wallet, too!

  4. I don’t know. I’ve been kinda of lonely since the robocalls stopped.


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