I Can Barely Contain Myself

photo (130)We have a new Container Store here in Orlando.  I had heard of this chain, but never thought it would be a big deal to have a store solely dedicated to containers.  Who thinks up this stuff anyway?  Can you picture a boardroom table surrounded by people brainstorming when somebody shouts out, “I know, let’s make an enormous store where we sell boxes and bags and all sorts of things to hold other things.”  I mean, don’t we all have shoe boxes and grocery bags?  And that doesn’t count that drawer in the kitchen that catches all the miscellaneous stuff of life.

I’ll admit I was skeptical.  I didn’t want to spend more money on a container than its contents, but I had to check it out.  Truthfully, my reason for checking it out was that Starbucks was having Frappie Hour and I wanted a half-price drink.  The problem was I had a half hour to kill, so in I entered the Container Store to kill it (the half hour, not the store).

photo (127)The first thing that caught my eye was an end cap filled with paper bags.  These sold for $12.99 and up, depending on size.  They are marketed as Paper Bins. “Fascinating,” I said in my most Mr. Spock-like voice.  “I think I have the prototype for these in my pantry.”  I envisioned myself explaining to Bob (my husband) that I was organizing our bathroom closet with Paper Bins.  He would likely tell me I had been sold a load of something and that we could put that something in that paper bin, light it with a match, and leave it at the front door of The Container Store.  I couldn’t chance that, so I passed on the bags.

It didn’t take long before I was sucked into the concept of specialty containers.  It must have been my old roots as a Tupperware Lady, but I suddenly found myself needing containers.  I’m not sure what I would contain in them, but I knew I wanted them.  I picked them up, removed and replaced their lids, and burped them like a Tupperware baby.  I was in trouble.  I should never have gone in alone, but I just wanted to take a peek, a quick look until I could get my half-price frappuccino.

photo (128)There was a huge display of travel containers.  I like to travel.  I’m planning on traveling – I must buy something!  A large wall of odds and ends drew me in.  Unique little “purses” hung on display.  They were black and reminiscent of the fifties, and they came in two sizes – A/B and C/D.  Yep – bra holders at $17.99 a piece (or $9 a cup).  I didn’t purchase this item.  The only cup I was interested in was one with coffee in it, and that would only cost me $2.25.

I did find something I couldn’t resist – an anti-theft travel handbag.  This would best be described as a soft-sided safe on a cross-body strap (okay, it’s a purse).  It is purported to outsmart bag snatchers, slashers, pickpockets and identity thieves.  If I can figure out how to open it I think it will come in handy when I travel.

The bottom line, my half-price frappuccino ended up costing me $102.25.  That’s $2.25 for the coffee and $100 for two purses (I mean anti-theft travel handbags).  But, as a bonus for spending $100, I received a coupon for $15 off any item that I purchased in June.  Unfortunately I forgot I had this coupon until today.

All I can say is, drinking coffee is an expensive habit.  Not to mention that the above cost doesn’t include a trip abroad for me to try out my new anti-theft travel handbag.  Maybe it’s a good thing I forgot about the coupon – it could only get me in more trouble!

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  1. Hilarious! I didn’t see the paper bags when I was there, but I think I must agree with Dad. I also think that I would like to see you light that bag on fire and leave it on the front door of the container store. I can definitely picture it!

  2. moggie

     /  July 21, 2013

    So how much was the gas to get to the container store?
    I have a theft proof bag I’ll sell you for 1/2 price.


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