Area 51 Exists!

The secret is out!  This came as a surprise to me, mainly because I thought its existence was already a substantiated fact – a fact that people were repeatedly told was fiction, but were suspicious that it was a real-life, honest-to-goodness, guarded-by-spies, government secret area, one we all knew existed even though “they” said it didn’t.  This is likely due to the heavy use of this famous area throughout the sci-fi world.  If this is the way our government keeps a secret, whoa baby!  The next thing you know we’ll discover they tap our phones, put cameras by traffic lights, and use drones to watch us.

I have questions.  The first being, if this news was just released, how come I can use Google Earth to pinpoint the exact location of Area 51 already?  That’s quick!  I can also use Google Maps to plot a route there.  (It will take me 1 day, 10 hours and 58 minutes by car to travel those 2,432 miles.)

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My next question comes from the report I read where a National Security Advisor Senior Fellow requested information about the history of this alleged area.  His last request was in 2005.  He received his information this week.  Why did it take eight years to answer his request?    Was it routed through Social Security or the Post Office?

Could we be seeing a government-controlled theme park in the desert in the near future (now that we know how to get there)?  If so, will this at all help us to lower our national debt?

Will this factor into the discussion about illegal aliens?

And, finally, what about Areas 1-50?  How come we don’t hear anything about those?  Should we be concerned?  Are the aliens really in Area 13, for example?

Your guess is as good as mine, probably better; but next time I see a sign that states, “No Photography,” I’ll be accessing Google Maps to see why.

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  1. I read your blog at the same time as watching the news with a report about Area 51 I wasn’t sure if it was coincidence, serendipity or just plain alien manipulation 🙂


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