Go For It

photo (145)There is nothing more encouraging than grabbing a cough drop and seeing the words, “Go for it.”  This motivation propelled me to make a big decision.  I would go for it.  But what “it” would I go for?

  1. 1.  Attempt to be the second woman to swim from Cuba to Key West without a shark cage; give Diana Nyad a run for her money.
  2. Drive to Starbucks to enjoy the newly released seasonal favorite, Pumpkin Spice Latte.
  3. Get that book I’ve been working on for the last decade finished.
  4. Take an afternoon nap.

So many choices, but my Halls cough drop only told me to go for it, singular.  I figured I better sleep on it, so I took a nap.

photo (146)After I awoke, I decided maybe my cough drop wanted me to go to Costco.  It had been such a grueling day that I almost worked up a sweat, which is easy to do simply walking to the car in Orlando during September.  That reminded me, I needed deodorant.

So many choices – do I want my underarms to smell like pomegranate and lemon verbena or cucumber and green tea?  I hate sweating enough without letting everyone know I’m doing it by the sweet smell of cucumber being released from my armpits.  I don’t understand putting fragrance in deodorant.  Isn’t deodorant by definition the removal of odor?  Yes, I know it can also disguise smells, but who wants to smell like a cucumber?  And, since I was at Costco that meant that if I purchased either of the above items I would smell like that for months thanks to the warehouse package.

photo (148)I headed to Target to pick up some unscented deodorant and a few other items.  I walked past this display of Coffee Mate.  The label is confusing.  Is this made for girl scouts or by girl scouts or out of girl scouts?  Are there crumbled cookies in it mimicking what would happen if you dunked a cookie in your coffee?  Somebody should revise the package and put the words “girl scouts” above the flavor, maybe throw in the word cookie.  All we really know is there are artificial flavors inside.  Sounds yummy.  That pumpkin spice latte is sounding better and better.

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  1. Rough day, huh Bonnie? 🙂

    (I’m with ya on the smelly deodorant, BTY Give me UNscented!)

    • I have reached the point where my favorite thing to do is sleep. I hope when the weather cools a bit here I’ll pull out of that. Nice to hear from you, Lori.

  2. If you go to Costco to work out your problems, it was definitely a rough day!

    • I live so close to Costco that it’s easy to pop in. No real problems that day, just a nagging cold and sinus junk, which was what led me to the cough drops. I was amazed at how much like a fortune cookie it was. Product design and promotion is fascinating.

  3. So, you’re saying that Costco (or Sams) and Target help you snap out of a “what do I do when all I feel like doing is laying around?” day!… wow, I really am your daughter!

    • I’m not saying that they help me snap out of those kind of days, but I will often find an excuse to go there. If I’m having a really bad “not feel like doing anything day,” I usually go to Homegoods or call you.

  4. Reminds me that I need to return that box of scented laundry dryer sheets. It’s so overpowering that it stunk up our car and made us nauseas as we drove home. It is now tightly sealed until we take it back.


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