The Trail of the Night Visitor

Bob called me on his way home from work today and gave me the rundown of his day. He accomplished a lot for his job and also managed to check several things off his to-do list for our upcoming trip to Europe. He was pretty pumped. The conversation went something like this.

Bob (with enthusiasm): I did this, that and the other at work (this is a paraphrase); I called Verizon and figured out how to use our phones in Europe. I also called the cable company and downgraded our service to save us a few bucks. I got our car insurance adjusted. I’ve updated our itinerary for our trip. How about you, anything exciting happen?

Me (with equal enthusiasm): I found raccoon poop in the backyard.

photo (153)This was not a total surprise to me as two nights ago I was washing my face when I heard something scratching at the outside door to the hot tub area right off our bathroom. It reminded me of when we had a dog and he would scratch to come in the house. I opened the blind and there was a raccoon trying to convince me to let him in. Of course I did not, as the last thing I needed before going to bed was a raccoon in my bathroom.

I ran and got my camera and Bob (in that order). I snapped this picture. I guess he really didn’t want in, he must have needed help getting the cover off the hot tub. In his defense, it is a little tricky.

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