Road Rage

I don’t remember when I had been so angry or felt so misunderstood.  It was a revealing moment that had me name-calling and yelling in frustration.

I was driving down the street and clicked on SYNC, the command center in my car.  Usually I’m greeted with a melodic chime prompting me to ask my personal assistant, who hides somewhere in my dashboard, to do something for me.  More accurately, I tell her to do something, like get directions or make a phone call.

I never say please or thank you.  There’s no need.  Of course, there is also no need to be rude with her either.  Until today – because she was acting like a real jerk.

My most-used command is “Call Bob.”  SYNC and I have been through this hundreds of times.  She always answers me, “Calling Bob,” and everything is fine and dandy.  I guess she had been feeling taken for granted though, because this day she acted like I was speaking gibberish.  I tried again and again.  She kept telling me (The audacity! She was telling me what to do) to say a command like Navigation or Phone.  I played along for a while until I realized she was playing me for a fool.  That’s when I let her have it.  I called her a moron and told her she was as useless as a cassette tape deck.  She continued to command me with that smirky chime of hers.

SYNC is supposed to be a safety feature enabling me to keep both hands on the wheel, but I was so fixated on getting through her thick dashboard that safety was the last thing on my mind.  I had been yelling at her for about two miles when I realized that I was losing this battle.

“You win,” I told her as I dug my phone out of my purse and made the call like I used to way back in 2013.

She smirked again, “Chime.”

I hate her.

You'll be happy to know that SYNC and I are communicating well again.  I had to let her know that I am her boss so I reinstalled my phone.  There are no hard feelings.

You’ll be happy to know that SYNC and I are communicating well again. I let her know that I am her boss by reinstalling my phone. There are no hard feelings, but I wonder if the “Do Not Disturb” is her subtle way of getting in the last word.


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  1. Genie Harris

     /  June 26, 2015

    Oh Bonnie! Hysterical! Thanks for the laugh — and the transparency of what it’s like to live in our digital world. Indeed – the machines are taking over! BAAHHAAHHAA!


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