How Do You Think? I’d Love to Know

Bob (my husband the engineer) and I were driving down SR 441 towards Mount Dora when we passed this sign. We both had our own interpretation of it, which is one more example of how we often process information as if we came from two different planets. This not only entertains us, but it leads to some interesting conversations. Full disclosure, it often leads to some really stupid conversations, but at least we laugh a lot.

Initially Bob thought the improvements would be finished by the end of the Winter of 2018, which he believes starts in December 2018 and ends March 2019. I thought the sign meant that they would be complete by March of 2018, before the first day of spring. My thoughts are that all but ten days of winter happens in the next calendar year. He was thinking they were referring to the month/year that winter begins.

Obviously, the answer as to when the improvements will be complete is sometime in 2020, but indulge me for a minute. We would like to know what you think. When do you think the improvements will be complete? Please leave your comment.

I have placed a call to FDOT and left what I can only assume is a confusing message asking for the projected completion date. If they haven’t put me on some kind of a watch list and agree to answer my innocuous but weird question, I will reveal their thinking in my next blog post. No fair calling the number on the sign. We don’t need more of us to have our intentions questioned. Please play along. I would love to know how those brains of yours work.

Comment below please.

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  1. Dena Walley

     /  July 5, 2017

    I think it means they will be done before the last day in 2018

  2. I think it’s a polite way of saying, “When Hell Freezes Over.”

    • I think the FDOT sign uses ambiguity to its advantage. I like your answer. It is also likely the time frame in which I will get a reply to my phone call to FDOT.

  3. Peggy

     /  July 5, 2017

    Finished sometime during winter of 2018

    • Ok, Peggy. Thanks for the comment, but it is as ambiguous as the road sign, which I think you may have done intentionally! Do you think that means between Dec 21, 2017 and March 21, 2018, or between Dec 21, 2018, and March 21, 2019?

  4. Linda

     /  July 5, 2017

    Reading the sign, I would think before the end of winter in 2018. However, you know that probably ain’t gonna happen! Plus, didn’t you say before that winter down there is only a day or two? I’d give it at least until the beginning of summer, which for you will probably be in March!

  5. Not surprisingly, I thought as you do. The project will be completed before Spring 2018.

  6. Moggie

     /  July 5, 2017

    The word. by. makes me think before winter….of course winter begins the21st of December or when it gets cold ….so if its not done before Dec 21 then it will. probably never be finished.
    Your logical friend. Moggie
    I would love to hear Michaels answer.

    • You are truly a logical person, Moggie. But if you look at the sign, it just says, “Completion: Winter 2018.” You are probably onto something with regard to it never being finished though. That seems to be the norm around here.Thanks for commenting.

  7. Seeing as it is now the summer of 2017, if the winter of 2018 happens at the beginning of 2018, then no way will they get it done that soon. In fact, it wouldn’t even be cost effective to put up the sign. So, I have to agree with Bob that winter of 2018 is the season that starts in December of 2018 and extends into January, February etc of 2019.

    • I had a feeling you and he would think alike. Hopefully FDOT will return my call and this great mystery will be solved. If I were working for FDOT, I would never promise anything be completed in the winter of any year. Just say spring, it doesn’t overlap years and therefore gives you a cushion to complete on time. Thanks for commenting.

  8. Susan W

     /  July 6, 2017

    Ha!!! I’m embarrassed to admit that my initial thought was December 2018, because I am simple-minded and forgot that there are just a handful of winter days before the New Year.

    Your observation about the real date being 2020 is hilarious & spot-on though. 🙂

    • You have nothing to be embarrassed about. The sign was obviously placed there to torment us. It’s a government plot. Thanks for commenting.

  9. Leslie

     /  July 7, 2017

    I had my answer in my head and was ready to write it down, then decided to read all the other comments. Now I’m bouncing back and forth on which month is what and where in what year… I’m confused so I’m just going to bed. 😂

  10. I’m with Leslie. I thought the answer was plain as the nose on my face, but then I read everyone’s responses. My conclusion is that people think too hard. Goodness. My prediction–The road will be finished when it’s finished. Haha!

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