The Crown, Alexa, and Marital Disagreement

We’ve been watching the Netflix series, The Crown, so I am typing this with a British accent. I also am drinking tea. When someone comes in the room, I give a royal wave; but I don’t speak with commoners while in the writing mode. This is all to put me in the proper state of  mind to tell my story.

This series has brought up a serious difference of opinion between Bob and me. After over four decades of marriage, you’d think this sort of thing would roll off of me. But for the life of me, I can’t understand why Bob doesn’t understand that Tommy, the private secretary to The Queen, is only trying to preserve the dignity of the monarchy. He is charged with seeing to it that the right things are done and the rules are followed. That’s a huge job with all the trouble the royals can get themselves into. Thank God for Tommy!

Bob, on the other hand, thinks that Tommy is far too stringent and pompous. He thinks he needs to adapt more to the times and let Queen Elizabeth be less bound by the way things have always been done or should be done. He thinks that Tommy is more concerned with the rules than he is with people.

I am a rule-follower. I think rules make life better and safer; so, when Tommy is waxing eloquent to The Queen regarding why she should reel in her sister or so many other assorted issues, I usually yell out, “You go, Tommy! That’s my boy. Preserve that crown!”

Bob shakes his head in defense of The Queen. “Let the poor woman make a decision, Tommy. She is The Queen and your boss after all.”

Bob says Tommy is condescending. I say he’s conscientious. I’m not joking when I tell you we have talked about it a lot. (I know that’s a little sad.)

It should be noted that when Tommy is addressing The Queen regarding the importance of a correct solution to the problem du jour, he always ends his discourse eloquently reminding her that, of course, the decision is entirely hers.

I don’t think she totally believes him, and I do feel badly for her as nobody in their right mind would want her job. It would even make a rule-follower like me go crazy. But I would want a Tommy. I’d need a Tommy to keep me in line.

As a matter of fact, I like Tommy so much that I want to change my Amazon Alexa’s name to Tommy and give it a British accent. I couldn’t do that to Bob, though. It wouldn’t be following the rules.

PART II – Later That Night, After I Thought This Post Was Complete

(Minor Season One Spoiler Alert)

It’s late and Bob and I just finished Season One. I thought you should know that our discussion of Tommy has continued and Bob and I are coming into agreement. Tonight Tommy was a real jerk. I still think his heart is in the right place regarding the Crown, but I’m not so sure the end justifies the means. I’m not saying that I’m mad at Tommy, but I am disappointed. Tommy, Tommy, Tommy. You’re better than this! Plus, for a final blow to my ego, it turns out that Bob had a point.

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  1. I had a great laugh over this one Bonnie. You are so funny. I especially liked your opening lines. Thank you for lightening my day. Love you!

  2. Love it, Bonnie!!!


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