A Few More Things about Salzburg

My husband Bob was very disappointed that I neglected to share a few facts and pictures from our Salzburg trip, so this post is for Bob, but I hope you read it, too.

I’ll start with his favorite discovery. The church where the wedding from The Sound of Music was portrayed was Basilica St. Michael in the Mondsee Lake District. Only the inside of the church was used. I’ll give you three shots of the church altar area, each getting closer. Notice the area behind the candles. What do you see?

This is a little closer up. What do you see behind the candles?

If you said human skeletons, you’d be right. There are two on each side of the altar and they seem to be dressed for church. While getting the site ready for the foundation, four skeletons were uncovered. To my knowledge, nobody knows who these people were, but it was decided that they should be included inside of the church. They are preserved behind glass. We don’t know who came up with that plan, but it sure is different. We have seen thumbs of saints and heads of saints preserved and on display in duomos (cathedrals) in Italy, so this is not as strange as you might think. Oh, it’s strange, just not as much as you might think.

I also neglected to give you a shot of what the inside of our hotel looked like in Salzburg. This is very different from its American counterparts, but I like it. I like the idea of each of us having our own blanket as I am usually cold and Bob is always on the warm side. Actually, maybe that’s the problem – I need to be on the warm side.

And I forgot to show you the view as we traveled to our hotel. Our mouths were open in awe during our entire trip.

You really need to go to Mirabell Gardens if you’re in Salzburg. It’s breath-taking.

Bob in the gardens.

When we were at dinner with our new friend, my sister mentioned that she was coming down with a head cold. Robert said he had just the thing for that. He served up a round of schnapps for us, on the house. He said it would help clear her head. She downed it before he could warn her it was a little strong. This picture is our reaction to my sister who came out of her seat when the smack from the schnapps hit her. And, by the way, it did its job of clearing her head!

Hope you enjoyed a little more of Salzburg and hope even more you can visit there yourself sometime.


This is Post #12 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge to post each day in April.

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  1. Vanessa Marks

     /  April 12, 2019

    Seeing your post today. 😀 Thank you for a little vacation for me on this Friday. Salzburg is beautiful.

  2. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your adventure with me!

  3. Great photos – it has a real “Eastern Europe” feel to it, so classic!

  4. Jeanine Byers

     /  April 12, 2019

    LOL about being on the warm side! And oh my god – I have no idea what to say about the skeletons. Thanks for sharing more of your story.

    • I really appreciate your comments, Jeanine. You’re welcome. If you ever go to Salzburg, you must see the skeletons. My husband would be happy that he had a part in inspiring you.

  5. So lovely. Thanks for sharing this. I hope to visit this beautiful country. Its amazing

    • I hope you get to go there. Traveling is such an amazing privilege. I think about when I was growing up and people didn’t just hop on airplanes like they do now. It was cost prohibitive. Not that it’s cheap now, but I think if you factor in the economic changes, it’s cheaper than it used to be.

  6. Wow those skeletons are creepy. I don’t think I could sit through a service there but the church is beautiful. Were those gardens in the movie? they look familiar.

    • Those gardens were in the movie. They’re spectacular. I think if I were to attend a service there, I’d sit in the back! Thanks for commenting.

  7. I love Your gorgeous photos. Thank You.

    Have a good day!


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