Wildlife Weekend

I’m a bit of a birder – not quite a “Big Year” type, but I have the Peterson Field Guide to Birds app on my phone and I try to keep my life list up. Binoculars are always on the ready by my back door.

My mother bequeathed me with this passion and we love to bird watch together. Twenty minutes from our home is the Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive. It usually takes us three hours to do the 11-mile drive at a maximum of 10 mph. We stop a lot. You just can’t help yourself. There’s so much to see.

The drive is part of the successful effort to restore beautiful Lake Apopka, which is northwest of Orlando, and home to 369 species of birds, though some are quite literally snow birds. It’s a big winter migration area.

Today, the wildlife drive really lived up to its name. Mom and I spent the morning there, and we agreed it was the best day we’ve ever had on the drive. We identified 24 different species of birds, witnessed an alligator turtle laying eggs, and observed more American alligators than you can shake a stick at. Note: Don’t shake sticks at alligators or feed them. It’s against the law.


These beautiful flowers grow in the water.


Baby Gallinule


You can tell it’s springtime. There were baby gallinules everywhere. Here’s a family portrait.


I always find a gator in this particular spot. Today as we pulled up there was a woman taking pictures of the babies. Do you see them? There were five altogether but only four are in this pic. At first we didn’t even notice that mama had her eye on us.

We had never been to the drive during alligator mating season. It began a couple of weeks ago. Their gestation period is 65 days, so I guess this mama got an early start. Since we’re talking about alligators here, it brings more meaning to the fact that they are fiercely protective of their babies. When we saw the babies, we knew she must be close by so we were happy to spot her from a safe distance.


Great Blue Heron


Gator grabbing lunch

You know how you can be out in the wild and hear something and turn to discover you’ve just missed a spectacular moment? Well, we saw the spectacular moment. We were standing along the shore when this alligator leaped out of the water and caught a bird. I think he leaped from below and snatched it on his way up. We saw most of his white underbelly. It was quite violent and really cool. I snapped this picture right after the jump. You can see the poor bird in his jaws.


Anhinga drying its wings.

Anhingas swim through the water with their head and neck poking out of the water. They look like a snake, hence the nickname Snake Bird. They’re also called water turkeys. They’re beautiful in flight.

Cutest Bird Award goes to the Black-Necked Stilt


The green is so vivid that you almost don’t notice what’s lurking just under the surface.

Is the north side of the gator where the moss always grows?


Here’s a close-up of our camo-gator.

We heard a lot of gators bellowing. At first I thought it was a bullfrog, then I remembered it was mating season. We were on alert because these big guys can be submerged right in front of you and you not know it. On the drive, food is aplenty, and I’ve never seen anyone harass or feed a gator, which I have witnessed in other areas of Florida. Don’t feed the gators! It is a felony and makes them lose their fear of people and start to look at them as a food source. It’s funny to think they fear us. If a gator offered me food, I’m pretty sure I’d think it was up to something and fear it more!

Pretty sure this is a White Ibis. The bill being dark on the end makes me doubt a little.


Alligator Turtle laying eggs by the side of the road. I think she’s pretty ugly and maybe not too smart. People were right next to her. But I guess when it’s time, it’s just time.


Another Great Blue Heron. He just took a bath and was cute and fluffy.

I hope you enjoyed going on the drive with me. Any birders out there? I’d love to hear from you.


This is Post #14 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge to post every day in April.


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  1. Fantastic photos Bonnie. And your writing made me feel as if I was right there with you. I have to take this drive sometime. Great post!

  2. How perfect for Sunday! God’s amazing grace shines from every photo.

  3. We have different birds in the Northwest. I’m not a birder, but enjoy them. We don’t have to worry about alligators having our birds for lunch! We usually get to see the baby owls in the 120 acre park behind our house.

  4. Before watching and thoroughly enjoying the Big Year Bonnie, I would have passed this blog right by. Today, I was immersed in your story and beautiful photos. I myself cannot identify a bird in flight like some of my bird loving friends can, however, being a fellow Floridian (Stuart) I recognize several as regulars when I lived on lakes and canals. I have shared you on twitter and facebook. You have a wonderful flair for bringing us in to feel as though we are on the trip with you. Thank you!

    • Fran, your words are so uplifting to me. Last night, after a long day, I was feeling a little melancholy and quite overtired. I found your comment right before going to bed and you really buoyed my spirits by it. Thank you. I’m looking forward to getting to know you through the challenge and facebook. Hope you have a wonderful day.

      • Ok. So now we’re even. Lol … You brightened my day yesterday. As I work at slowing down and Pace myself age appropriately, your blog did just that … You don’t rush through an adventure like the one you took us on. I’m going to keep it as a reference when I need to center myself.
        Enjoy your day!

  5. Leslie Richardson

     /  April 14, 2019

    These pictures are amazing. I’ve never had an interest in birds before but the beauty here makes me want to go on this drive. Thanks for sharing this!!

  6. Vanessa Marks

     /  April 15, 2019

    I wish you have sound effects. Thanks for the ride.

  7. Loved the photos!
    I remember the big lizards from when I visited my mom decades agao

    • Thank you! Yes, the lizards are big. You get used to them. Unlike the big palmetto bugs, which I don’t think I’ll ever get used to.

      • Ugh. The palmetto bugs. My Achilles heel. I can stay composed with snakes, spiders and rodents… But put me near a palmetto bugs and I lose it. Ugh. Now I have the heebie jeebies. Lol

        • When we moved to Florida in 1976, I didn’t know they could fly. I wonder if that would have effected our decision had I known.

          • Ha 1975 for me. I was too young to vote. Or else I’d have opted out.

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