Invasion of Midges

When from the next room I heard a television reporter talking about the invasion of Midges in the Sanford, Florida, waterfront area, my first thought was – what took them so long.

Poor Midge, Barbie’s not-so-glamorous best friend, has been in Barbie’s shadow forever. To make things worse for her, she has mostly been out of production since the late 1960s. They just pull her out for anniversary editions or whenever Barbie needs a side-kick. It was just a matter of time before all those jilted Midges joined forces and attacked. I’m sure they hold a lot of angst. In my mind I pictured droves of the dolls, some headless, some naked, coming out of the water and attaching themselves to whatever they could find. I’m sure they were driven to it.



Image result for free images of midge dolls

Midge’s hair never achieved symmetry and her bangs were always too short. (Photo Credit: Pinterest)


Image result for free images of midge dolls

I believe this looks like a mug shot. Notice once again how Midge’s hair just wouldn’t do what Barbie’s does, i.e. achieve perfection. (Photo Credit: RubyLane)


Image result for free images of 1960s barbie dolls

Barbie from around the same era. Even though her hair is pulled back and she’s clearly going swimming, she looks perfectly coiffed. (Photo Credit: Mattel)


As I moved to view the television, I learned that these Midges are not the Midges besieging Sanford. The Sanford Midges are often known as Blind Mosquitoes and are not manufactured by Mattel. They are also not as easy to get rid of as Mattel’s Midge. You just can’t discontinue the manufacture of these pests (again, I’m talking about the insect).

Photo Credit: Fox35 News



Photo Credit: Fox35 News

I want to encourage people in Sanford and everywhere else where Midges are a nuisance to hang in there. At least these guys don’t bite or carry disease. I guess they have that in common with Mattel’s version.

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  1. Wasn’t Midge also a secondary Archie character? I guess Midge is a name for mediocrity…

    • I only remember Betty and Veronica and I read Archie faithfully for years, not to say Midge didn’t show up later. Or that I should trust my memory.

  2. Haha I loved my Midge. Underdog!

  3. Vanessa Marks

     /  May 8, 2019

    I don’t remember Midge. But I didn’t keep up with the Barbara trim.

  4. I dunno, Bonnie…
    Some of us considered the entire Barbie invasion a nuisance.

  5. Martha DeMeo

     /  May 8, 2019

    I was never a Barbie, Ken or Midge person. I was too busy helping my dad in the garden, mow the lawn or change the oil in his car! LOL But I do know about the pesky midges!!

  6. Jeanine Byers

     /  May 9, 2019

    I miss Skipper! You don’t hear much about her anymore, either.

  7. Arthur L Manning

     /  May 10, 2019

    Midges are amazing. They flap their wings up and down at a rate of 1,000 times per second! Even mosquitoes only flap 600 times per second. Midges flap faster than nervous transmissions can travel so they are designed to have just one nervous impulse trigger the whole flapping. They flap so fast that they are not so much flying aerodynamically, but instead are”rowing” through the air. What a master Engineer who designed them, the Lord Jesus Christ!


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