Europe Part 1 – Help Me Ronda

Our adventure in Spain has begun! We began on Sunday with a day of rest that included a walk along the Mediterranean Sea, picking up stones and skipping them across the water. It was surreal. I think the walk helped me adjust to the six-hour time difference. The air was clear and crisp and the view amazing.

I had no idea that Spain was so mountainous. We meandered the windy roads to a little town called Ronda. There is a cave near there, Cueva de la Pileta, that was discovered in 1905. The cave was a bit treacherous for me, but I braved it. We single filed down slippery stairs following a guide with a flashlight. The four of us we were allotted two lanterns, which turned out to be fine as walking down the narrow, dark stairs was sufficient challenge for me. I was happy to have Bob carry our lantern. We were not allowed to touch the sides of the cave. I think I unintentionally broke that rule three times while traversing very narrow areas. We found lakes, cave drawings and the remains of what looked like a pottery factory (as you would imagine one thousands of years ago). It was very physical. At one point I felt a bit claustrophobic, even though we were not in a tight space. It is weird knowing that you are underground in a totally dark place. A few deep breathes and I was fine. I did feel a little like an old woman, though, as I took the steps slowly, two feet on each step before taking the next one. None of us fell – success!

The town of Ronda is famous for its new bridge, which was constructed in 1793 after the old bridge collapsed. It spans a gorgeous gorge and is one of the most picturesque places I have ever been.