Saving the Day in a Hallmark Store – It’s NBD

I had an amazing moment in a Hallmark store wherein I was able to help two ladies out of a dilemma.  I noticed these ladies, who were about my age, in deep conversation about a decorative license plate.  After several minutes, they crossed over to where I was and asked me if I could read it.  Neither of them could figure out what it said.


Without so much as a second thought, I said, “Cutie forever.”  Well, I hadn’t heard that many accolades aimed in my direction in years.  They high-fived me and were giddy with excitement over my interpreting what is the present-day equivalent of reading Egyptian hieroglyphics – abbreviation speech.  You would have thought I pulled them from a burning building.  This must be what it feels like to be in a “state of fabulousness.”

Yes, I had cracked the code.  It was really NBD (no big deal).  I felt like I had received an award as they went on and on about how smart I was.  I remained humble.  I didn’t want to let them know that it was really 2EZ a problem to solve.

ATEOTD (at the end of the day), as I reflected with my husband on just how awesome I was, he was nearly speechless.  Finally, he said, “UR.”

“Y2K (you’re too kind),” I replied.

NTS (note to self), maybe my high school dream of being an interpreter can still come true – forget Spanish, knowing Abbrev Speech will be much more valuable.