Perfect Strangers

Have you ever come across Perfect Strangers?  I’m not talking about the 1980s sitcom starring Bronson Pinchot and Mark Linn-Baker as Balki and Larry.  I’m talking about day-to-day life.

Balki and Larry are cousins on the TV sitcom Perfect Strangers
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Who are strangers?  Sesame Street tells us that “They’re the people that you meet when you’re walking down the street; they’re the people that you meet each day.”[1]  I’d like to introduce you to some of the strangers I have recently met.

1.  At church on Sunday I stopped to meet some new folks.  There were five of them – a young couple with a baby and a couple about my age (her parents).  Starting with the young man who was on the aisle, we introduced ourselves and then continued down the row ending with Kim and Andy.  This was a very friendly group.  They had big smiles on their faces, maybe a little bigger than what would be the norm.  Finally, Kim said, “I know you, Bonnie.  I’ve been to your house.”  Her daughter went to school with my daughter years ago.  Nothing like a little embarrassing moment to break the ice.

2.  On the cruise Bob and I went on back in August, we ended up seated at a table for twelve during dinner.  Two ladies who are sisters were sitting with us.  One, Gina, lives about three miles from me and the other lives in New York and is a teacher and author of Christian children’s books.  Her name is Tina Crayton.  You can check her books out at  I love meeting other Christians.  It’s like being introduced to a long-lost cousin.

3.  And then there’s Todd and Scott.  These two had literally missed the bus when we found them sitting by the Wekiva River one evening.  They had rented canoes up the river and somehow missed the van that was to take them back to their car at King’s Landing.  They assured us that they were fine, even though the van was supposed to pick them up at 5:30 and it was now 6:15.  We talked for a while and then decided to drive them to their car, which was about a 15 minute ride from there.

The Fearless Canoers

As they piled into the back of our car, they expressed their gratitude.  They asked what we do around here and I told them that we pick up strange guys along the road, give them a ride someplace and then lift their wallets off of them as we say goodbye; that is if we take them to their desired location at all – it varies.  This did not faze them one bit.  They informed us their wallets were in their car and were pretty much empty anyway.  We loved interacting with these two.  We even talked religion.  They said they didn’t care for organized religion.  I told them with all the mess in the world, I didn’t want any part of disorganized religion.  Organized religion isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

4.  Next there are some of you who are reading this right now.  When I started writing my blog I didn’t realize I would be making new friends.  Thank you to those of you who have never met me yet stop by and read this.

We all have to start out as strangers, you know.  So when was the last time you met a stranger who became a friend?  Or, in my case, re-met a friend.

[1] Sesame Street’s People in Your Neighborhood

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  1. Hi, This is your long lost Cousin…:))) Tina Anderson Crayton ( It was great meeting you and your husband on the cruise last summer. I hope all continues to be well with you both. I am still writing. Since that cruise I realeased a back to school book and I am about to release a co-authored book titled “Meet the Googinpuffs” its a book that takes the readers on a whimisical wondertland of advernture where they learn everyday lifes lessons while enjoying each character. 🙂

    • Hi Cousin! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m so excited for you with your new book coming out. Way cool! Praise God. I’ll be checking you out on FB for updates.


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