Valentine’s Day – It’s Not for the Faint of Heart

Did I tell you about Bob and me getting cussed out by popular British singer/songwriter Adele?  It was the culmination of a typical Valentine’s Day.  First we went out to dinner where we were forced to eat inside a loud, crowded restaurant due to our plans for alfresco dining being washed out by heavy rain.  After eating we headed to the parking lot only to witness somebody back into our car and drive off totally oblivious.  (There was no damage, so we just chalked it up to Reason #14 of Why We Don’t Like Going Out on Valentine’s Day.)

Earlier we considered going to see the movie Identity Thief, but on discovering that it has about 50 f-words in it, we decided against it.  So, Bob surprised me with Adele Live at The Royal Albert Hall, thinking we could enjoy a DVD concert at home.  Now, there is a bit of a language barrier between citizens of the U.S. and those of Great Britain, so it took me a few minutes to realize that Adele cusses like a sailor.  We likely would have been less verbally assaulted by going to see Identity Thief.  (This is an example of Reason #48 of Why Valentine’s Day Never Turns Out Like You Plan.)

So, here is a summary of our Valentine’s Day:

  • We ate dinner in a crowded restaurant at a folding table.
  • We couldn’t hear each other talk.
  • Somebody backed into our car.
  • We were cussed out by Adele.

Not the worst Valentine’s Day we ever had!  Next year I think we’ll stay home, order pizza and watch a movie.  Maybe by then Identity Thief will be on TBS.

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  1. I dislike Valentines day. It is a hallmark created day for chaos. No one really enjoys going out with a zillion others and it is not a romantic moment when hubby or I are expected to get a card or gift or any other ‘fancy’ thing just because. I would really rather have him surprise me when I least expect it. We don’t give Valentine cards, either. When I worked at a florist it was one of the worst THE worst holidays ever. People rushing to get ‘the expected bouquet’… Mothers day is the second worst for a florist. Sorry your day was bad for you at least you know next time what you don’t want to do.

    • I am in agreement with you, Sharon. I’m not a fan of these days, but I do welcome a reason to set aside time with Bob and me. Like I said, staying at home is usually great. I can’t even imagine working at a florist on the 2 days you mention. The thing is, when we realized how Adele swears through the breaks between songs, we started laughing at it, especially in light of the movie we wanted to see. If you keep your sense of humor, it sure helps a lot.

  2. I’m being thrown like a city boy in a rodeo. My first thought: “Dang, I forgot Valentine’s Day AGAIN?” Second thought. “Wait, green hearts? Wasn’t it just St. Patty’s Day?” Third thought: “Who the heck is Adele and if he/she is so popular, why haven’t I heard of him/her?”

    Then I dipped into the comments. “Second worst for florists?” They hate to make money? I’m confused…

    Valentine’s Day was created for people like me. Some people are lost in the past, others pine for the future. I struggled to think beyond this second. Giving a “surprise gift” requires looking to the past “my wife liked surprises…” and the future, “perhaps I should plan to get her a surprise gift.” Both thoughts are beyond me. Of course, I don’t get gifts for Valentine’s Day, either, but on Valentine’s Day I have my annual thought, “Dang, missed it again. Wait. Tomorrow’s our anniversary!” Fortunately everything with a heart on it is deeply discounted the next morning.

    It’s almost as if I planned it that way. But planning is beyond me. Really.

    • That’s quite an indepth comment, Rob. I do hope you had a happy anniversary and a reasonably nice February 14th as well. As for planning being beyond you, I’m not sure I agree. Look at all the story ideas you have swimming around in your head. I know there has to be a plan, however loose, to get those down on paper sometime. Also, by the way, if you saw the new James Bond movie then you heard Adele. She sang the theme song. I would have never heard of her except one day Bob and I were watching “When in Rome” and he heard a song that he liked, looked it up and it was by Adele. I think she has won 9 grammys.


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