A Pickle Over a Pickle

Today I found myself in a pickle over a pickle.  I am a pickle snob and I hate frogs and toads.  Usually these two extremes don’t interfere with each other but every once in a while they conflict.  Such a conflict occurred today when I opened a fresh jar of Claussens.  I always buy the halves and spear them myself as that is cost saving.  Today I pulled out pickle after pickle that was so dark green and bumpy that all I could think of was frogs and toads.  Being a texture sensitive person when it comes to my food (you can read that as picky), that is a real problem (perhaps not exactly a third-world problem, but a problem for me, nonetheless).

The last one I pulled from the jar gave me relief from my vivid frog/pickle picture.  It was smooth, more like a tree frog.  No.  No.  No.  I mean, it was smooth.  Yes, smooth.  Not like a frog at all.  What a relief!

The two on the left are perfect pickles.

The two on the left are perfect pickles.

In an effort to ration my pitiful pickle portions, I ate one spear and saved the other for another day.  The rest will disappear this Sunday when the grandchildren come over.  Their pickle policy is eat now, question if they ate a frog or a pickle later.

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