What’s in Your Wallet?

Have you seen Blue Bloods?  It’s a television crime/drama that is almost as much about a family consisting largely of cops as it is about what those cops do in their day-to-day jobs as police officers in New York City.

Blue Bloods Poster

The show, starring Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg, was recommended to us by several of our friends, so we decided to give it a try.  The relationships of four generations are heartwarming and amusing.  They gather together every Sunday night around a large table for dinner and conversation, which includes prayer before the meal and anything-goes topics of discussion.

The commercials during the show do more than advertise products and services.  They also give away their target audience.  Half of the ads are of the “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up,” variety.  We usually fast forward through them, but we still get the gist of what actors like Betty White are offering.

This has raised concerns and questions between Bob and me.  Are we too young to be watching this show?  We are the pre-walk-in-bathtub generation.  Furthermore, should we admit that this is the kind of show we like?  Our pride could take a hit if people only knew what kind of programming is being viewed behind the closed doors of our home.

Our conversation has also been influenced by this show and has given way to new things to argue about.  In one episode the great-grandfather has a heart attack and is rushed to the hospital.  Tom Selleck (his son) is asked what medications his dad takes.  Poor Tom doesn’t know and feels like a lousy son.  The pharmacy has to be called and precious moments are wasted in an effort to find out if Great Gramps takes blood thinners.  SPOILER ALERT:  Gramps pulls through.

We put the show on pause and I say to Bob, “You know, if you were admitted to the hospital I wouldn’t know what medications you take.”

Bob:  “I don’t take blood thinners.”

Me:  “You take fish oil.  Fish oil is a blood thinner.”

Bob:  “I don’t think that counts.”

Me:  “Oh, it counts, baby.”  (I say this with enough confidence to cover up my lack of confidence.)

Then I look at him with nothing but love in my eyes and say, “You need to have a list of all the stuff you take and put it in your wallet – just in case.”

Bob:  “I constantly am trying to get stuff out of my wallet.  I don’t want to add to it.”

Me:  “So you don’t even have room in there for a piece of paper that could save your life?”

Bob doesn’t like to argue.  He tries to let that last one go but I’m on it with, “I’m right, you know.  Just tell me you know I’m right.”

“You’re right,” he admits.  “The list is a good idea.”

“Thank you,” I say.

We start the show back up, and I look at him with respect that he would admit when he was wrong and joy that this conversation could very well save his life someday.  Love is welling up in my heart and then a realization sets in, and I say, “You’re not going to make the list, are you?”

He gave a simple answer – no.

That’s when I knew that we had entered the next stage of our marriage – old people arguments.  No more arguing about the kids or calendars or jobs or vacations.  We’ve moved on to bigger things – what’s in your wallet?

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  1. Great post! Love the show; watch it on Netflix, so no commercials, but I applaud you on your observational skills.

    Love the list idea. I take 10 pills every morning. 7 are supplements and will go away when the bottle runs out. The other 3 I always forget the name of. I know what they do, how many I’m supposed to take and the pill shape and color, which I think should be all a doctor needs to know, but I’m informed this just isn’t so. “Two little tan footballs and white round pill.”

    Fortunately, my wife knows their names, their generic forms, the dosage (you mean that isn’t the number of pills?), and probably their chemical composition (I remember my mom drawing the molecular arrangement of a muscle relaxant I was taking and proclaiming, “this is why you don’t mix it with alcohol!” When mom started talking chemistry, I just nodded).

    I suggest putting the list in your phone, but I can only find Facebook, Email and the Bible on mine. It occurs to me I was born a generation before technology (rotary dials and heating elements are not technology), and while my peers have all picked up on it, if it isn’t on a PC, I’m lost.

    • Thanks for the comment and suggestions. I guess I’ll have to spy on Bob to see what exactly he’s taking everyday and then make a list for my phone. I see I still have old-school, paper list-writing tendencies.

  2. Vanessa

     /  March 31, 2016

    You should be writing for the show. Love your posts. 😀

  3. Jesse Anderson

     /  March 31, 2016

    Good one mom I thought I wasn’t going to like it bc it was about some show you’re watching but it ended up being very good. And funny

    Jesse Sent from my iPhone


  4. Leslie Richardson

     /  March 31, 2016

    Oh my gosh, Bonnie. I’m sitting in the lunch room at work reading this with tears in my eyes from laughing! Something told me this morning to bring my mascara with me.

  5. Shirley Corbett

     /  March 31, 2016

    I am making his list and putting it in my wallet…at this age and stage we no longer have time to argue…

    • Now you have me laughing, Shirley. I had lunch with Peggy Ballinger today and she showed me her list in her wallet! Thanks for commenting and always encouraging me.

  6. cindyschulman

     /  March 31, 2016

    Haha!! Love your thoughts . . . Love your arguments . . . Love the show!!! Just because they think old people are the only ones who aren’t comprising their consciences to watch TV doesn’t mean they’re right. Admittedly though …. Empty Nesting makes this level of “family interaction” a little more nostalgic than it might be to someone with little guys still making messes and eating them out of house and home. I miss your laugh …. So thank you for sharing your humor!

    • I know what you mean about the nostalgia. I asked Bob – how in the world do they get them all together every Sunday? I guess it helps that they have a script to follow. Thanks for the comment. Miss you and Bernie.

  7. Margot

     /  April 1, 2016

    Oh my goodness I love you!! You and I need to write our own sitcom. Can you imagine. Want to just hang soon. Well give you more warning the next time!!

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