The Royals

Royals! They are all the talk lately – from the royal wedding to royal babies. But there’s a lot more royalty out there than what you find across the pond. I have royals that I love to interact with and read about in my everyday life. Common royals – kind of an oxymoron.

Here’s my list of some of my favorite Royals:

  1. Book royalties (to purchase Always Look for the Magic on Amazon click here)
  2. Royal Caribbean cruises
  3. Royal penguins (always dressed for royal success)
  4. Royal typewriter (I learned to type on one)
  5. Royal pudding (this is being edged out by Jello, but it’s still a classic)
  6. Royal blue
  7. Royal Flush (you can’t beat it)
  8. Casino Royale (Bond movie)
  9. Kansas City Royals
  10. Royal pain – the DMV (necessary evil, not really a favorite, but what ya gonna do?)

What royals do you have in your life?

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