Survivor Finale – Spoiler Alert!!!

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Sacred TV time. That statement is wrong on so many levels, except that is how I “view” my Survivor television watching. Survivor is my absolute favorite TV show. My kids know this. Some of them watch the show, too; so last Wednesday night when Bob and I sat down to watch the finale an hour and fifteen minutes after the scheduled time, I texted my kids to let them know we were just then starting. I couldn’t risk a kink in my plan to find out who the sole survivor would be from watching the show, not from my kids lack of knowledge that we were watching delayed.

Typically, I would ignore texting and stay off of my phone during the finale especially, but soon after I sent the warning text over the bow of my kids’ phones not to mess with me during the show, I received a sweet text from my granddaughter, Mia. Mia is 15-years old and we share a birthday. She is the one with whom my being a grandmother began and we have a wonderful bond. She lives in North Carolina now and was texting about our upcoming birthdays, so we texted back and forth a bit. (If at all possible, I always answer her texts right away.)

She asked me to send her a picture and while I was finding it on my phone, I received another text that said, “Yay! Donathan is the winner!”

I threw my phone on the couch and almost cried. Bob thought I had received bad news. I blurted out, “Mia texted me who won!” I couldn’t really fault her because I hadn’t sent her the warning text. How could I be so stupid?

I picked up my phone and turned it off. I had only caught a brief glimpse of her words, but I was pretty sure of what I saw. I told Bob that I would refrain from any commenting from that point on out so as not to give him any clues as to the outcome. That was difficult. We usually are yelling at the screen and pausing for commenting. I was one sad little grandmother.

Then the strangest thing happened. Donathan got voted off! How could that be? Had my eyes deceived me? Oh, wait. There is a guy named Dom still in the running. It must have been his name that I saw in that brief moment. I sat stone-faced while we watched.

The final three were all favorites of ours – Dom(enick), Wendell and Laurel. That never happens. It would have been so great to watch if I hadn’t taken myself out of the emotion of the episode.

When it came down to time to vote for the Sole Survivor, the jury of ten came back with a tie. That has never happened. Dom and Wendell each received five votes. Of course, I knew that Dom had won. Sigh.

The protocol for this was that Laurel, the final-three member who had received no votes, broke the tie. Wendell won! We were thrilled because Wendell was our favorite of the three. I was surprised because not only did Donathan not win, Dom also did not win. I turned my phone back on.

Exactly one minute after the spoiler of a text, another text came saying “Just kidding.” Of course, my phone was off right next to sulking me, so I did not see that. I looked more closely and my sweet Mia had not sent either text. I had assumed she had because we had been in a texting conversation. It was her rascally mother, my daughter, Dena.

If you knew Dena, you would not be surprised.  I sent her a raging text explaining how her prank took me out of the whole experience and called her a brat. (I am not above calling my kids names.)

She responded with – how could I think she would tell me who won, and then she proceeded to revel in her own hilarity, barely able to speak she was laughing so hard. Meanwhile Bob agreed that she was kind of mean but mostly he had trouble holding back laughter himself because he thinks she is hilarious. (Please don’t tell her. It will only go to her head.)

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  1. Dena

     /  May 29, 2018

    I still think I’m hilarious… one of these days you will too but obviously not yet as you e mentioned how cruel I am pretty much every day since then. Hahahaha!

  2. I loved this! And Dena’s prank! 😘

  3. Kim Sutter

     /  May 30, 2018

    Oh, sweet Bonnie! Yet another thing we have in common – Survivor. I’ve watched it since season one. (Dang that naked Richard Hatch! Don’t nobody want to see that. My eyes still burn.) Except this season we missed the start of the show somehow in all the busyness and never watched any of it. I hate jumping in mid-way. Wonder if it’s streaming somewhere? Miss and love you!

    • Oh, no! I’ve spoiled it for you! I’m so sorry. You must have had a busy season if you missed Survivor. Miss you, too.


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