April 30 – The End is Near?

I am hopeful that some semblance of normal life is just around the corner. I am also aware that some of the corners we round are blind corners – it can take a while to get around them and you don’t know what you’ll face once you do. I’m not sure what end is near. Maybe just the end of April. Hopefully the end of so many ordinary things being closed and the end of being sequestered in our homes but mostly the end of this horrible virus.

For those of you who have suffered loss during this season of COVID-19, my heart goes out to you. Your normal is forever changed. I’m so sorry. I continue to pray for comfort, healing, and God’s mercy.

In keeping with the title of my blog, I also continue to look for the light side of whatever life looks like. Sometimes that side is funny and sometimes it is brilliant with the light of God shining through a situation. Sometimes it’s hard to find that light, but God is always there, even in the darkness. May you feel his presence in a greater way than ever.

I’ve taken some pictures as I’ve traversed my part of the world this past month. (I decided to use a big word for those little trips out of the house.) I want to reprioritize my life a little and remember and appreciate what we have, had, and will have. I want to remember how hard people worked to keep us safe even if they made mistakes while doing so. I realize that it’s easy to forget, so here’s my perspective of how things have looked in Altamonte Springs, Florida, during the April 2020 pandemic.

Costco is weird but orderly. The last time I was there, two employees were stationed on opposite sides of the warehouse proclaiming in a loud voice, “Social distancing. Please be aware of your surroundings.” This made me feel like I was in a police state, so I stopped and encouraged them. I understand masks will be required at all Costcos starting this Monday.


Target was the most pleasurable of places I’ve been. Possibly due to the fact that they had nice music playing in the background. Things on short supply: customers, ice cream and jigsaw puzzles.

After I took this picture, I saw a lady in the checkout line with the 1500 piece puzzle. Beggers can’t be choosers.

I do make an effort to verbally engage with people while I’m out. You can do that from a safe distance. I realized I was beginning to look at my fellow humans as contagions rather than people. That’s no good.

It also occurred to me that I haven’t been to my local Altamonte Mall since February 5. I knew it was closed, but I thought today would be a good time to go check it out and do a little photo journal of what I hope is one of the last days of its closure.

Parking was no problem.


There were more police vehicles than people so I felt safe. Creepy but safe.



Barnes and Noble was almost open.

The food court had limited options.

This was outside of the doors closest to the food court. It confuses me.


Reminders of safety concerns seemed useless on a building which you cannot enter.

A mobile testing sight is available in the parking garage.

What’s playing at the movies? Uh, nothing.

But the dated posters were interesting.

Could Ben Affleck really know the way back to life before COVID-19? I’m thinking – no. But since he has no scientific background that I know of – maybe he would like to weigh in.


How do you expect me to distance myself from the invisible man? I’d ask him to back off, but…


I feel like the little guy in this poster – slightly dazed and confused but along for the ride.

Maybe I could take a healthy walk in the park. It sure looks inviting, minus the barriers and closure signs.

I ended my morning at the Crepevine. It’s always a good day to support small businesses and, of course, get a yummy crepe.


And, finally, a Seinfeld moment. Watch out for those close-talkers! Here’s to a better May!


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  1. I am so glad you did this. I had the same idea to make sure I document through photos what this pandemic has been like. I love your perspective (and humor) shining through this difficult time. I may take your lead and do my own collection of photos of my world through this time.
    My favorite? The movie posters. They are eerily funny and sad.
    Great post for the ages! 😊

  2. Linda Pittman

     /  April 30, 2020

    The Invisible Man poster has to be my favorite! I also noticed the “Peace and Quiet” GEICO sign. I’m thinking the theatre owners have had enough of that.


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