Conversation Crisis PLUS We Have a Winner

Tuesday night was the State of the Union Address, and I was surprised it got the coverage it did with the big crisis going on in our nation. I’m sure you have been following the candy-heart crisis.

Evidently, the New England Confectionary Company (NECCO) abruptly stopped manufacturing its popular, not to mention iconic, Sweet Heart Conversation Hearts. I was shocked when I saw this covered on our local news. The shocking part was not that NECCO had stopped manufacturing candy. No, no. The shocking part was that this was called a crisis. The state of Valentine’s Day was coming into question. That’s what this world has come to. Seriously, folks, it’s not like M&Ms were going away.

Anyway, to confuse things further, just last week I picked up Brach’s Tiny Conversation Hearts at Target – crisis averted! NECCO did not have the conversation heart market cornered, though it looks like big conversations are now a thing of the past. If you are clever, you can string many tiny conversations together and make one normal size conversation. So, don’t despair, just join in a candy conversation of whatever size you can. Your Valentine’s Day should not be hindered in the least.


Now, on to more pressing things. Thanks to all of you who commented on my blog post last week and to those who shared. The winner of my book, ALWAYS LOOK FOR THE MAGIC, is Vanessa Marks. I will be in contact with you to get the particulars to send it to you.


We have Winners!

I had the hare-brained idea to get my dad’s Bunny Rabbit out of retirement to select the names of the two people who have won a copy of my book. He was so excited, he spent all afternoon at the hare dresser.

(When you read my book, ALWAYS LOOK FOR THE MAGIC, this will make more sense to you, if you can’t figure it out already.)

Bunny Rabbit was always a wild and crazy guy. He’s a little unconventional. He usually made a huge mess when he would assist my dad with his magic act. He is soft-spoken (he does have a hare lip), but his heart is in the right place.

One at a time, Bunny Rabbit!

I put all the entry names in his hat and asked Bunny Rabbit to choose one and then another. I don’t think he entirely understood me as he immediately started throwing things around. So, I adjusted my plan accordingly and decided the last two names in the hat would be my winners.

Congratulations to Melodye Jones and Kim Sutter. You are the winners! I will contact you soon about getting a book to you.

Congratulations, Kim and Melodye!

Remember, Always Look for the Magic is available on Amazon at


And the Winner is…

Competitiveness has taken on a whole new look in our family.  We all pride ourselves on being serious game players.  Whatever we’re playing and whoever we are playing against, we play to win.  I know we’ve passed down this quality to our kids (sorry, kids), and they’ve even married people who fit in with us quite nicely.  But, like I said at the outset of this post, we’ve just taken it up a notch.

At a recent family gathering my eldest son asked a simple question to his siblings, “How many of you have visited Grandpa at the Assisted Living Facility?”  It was a two-two split, with an edge given to the son who lives out of town and hadn’t visited the ALF.

I think the inquirer was hoping for a little company in his non-visiting status, but leave it to him to make a new competition out of the situation.  Next he asked, “Let’s see who the most pathetic really is.  Who reads Mom’s blog?”

Here he was left as the lone hold-out.  It’s not like he’s not supportive of my writing; he is.  He’s just not into reading blogs so I think he was a little surprised to be the only non-reader out of the seven kids.*  Surprised or not, he proudly declared himself the Most Pathetic.  Yep, that’s how our family is – if you’re going to do something, or not do something, do it all the way, you know, win.

I think we’re going to have to come up with new criteria for the Most Pathetic award, though, because the following week he subscribed to my blog.  He might even be reading it.  I guess I’ll find out for sure after this post, so this is my thank you to him for reading and a welcome to my blog.

*Four of whom I gave birth to, three of whom married my children, all but one of whom had actually read at least one blog entry.  Such reading may or may not have been coerced, but it still counted in the contest as points for having read my blog.  But now that I think about it, my one son-in-law was awfully quiet during this exchange, but since he had visited the ALF, he still was ahead.  The final opinion of the judges stands as no instant replay of this discussion is available.

Oops! Sorry Donald!

Hello again.  I just realized that I forgot to announce the winner of the contest from last week’s post .  The winner is Donald Brorsen.  I am so sorry for the slip-up, Donald.  Donald was the only person who calculated the correct answer.  As a matter of fact he was only one of two people who even attempted to do the math!  Way to go, Donald!  I hope my readers will check out his blog at Rebooting This Crazy Life.

I have learned something interesting from this little contest.  It seems most of my readers are a lot like me.  I’m not sure I would have done the math either.  Most likely I would have had Bob do it and then kept the gift card for myself.  I’m sure that’s what Bob would have wanted.